AI Tools Company Use Policy

As many large corporations (Apple, Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, Verizon, Samsung, and more) are putting restrictions on the use of AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard on corporate assets, it begs the question, what should small businesses be doing?

If you have not considered the implications of using generative AI tools for your business, here are a list of concerns you should address in a corporate use policy:

  • AI Tools collect data and store it in a database for later use. So it can only be the case that prompts by users containing potential proprietary data can potentially be leveraged by competitors or others requesting similar prompts.
  • Inaccurate and/or inappropriate responses (hallucinations) are common and used unchecked can create propagate incorrect information, create negative consumer sentiment as well as a potential PR nightmare
  • Data Safety and Privacy Laws Compliance issues, once users input data into the AI tool, it’s very hard, almost impossible to delete from the database.
  • Plagiarism/Intellectual Property issues from generated content using or copied from other sources, without permission
  • If you are designing a product that needs to deliver precision, adhere to rules and regulations while dealing with various unpredictable events and/or inputs, the current state of generative AI technologies will not provide a solid basis.

Do you need a template for creating your company’s AI Tools Use policy?

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