Google Bard

Time saving prompts for you to ask Bard:

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks – Prompt “I regularly perform these tasks: [insert tasks] Identify which of these tasks can be automated and suggest tools or methods for automation
  • Business Book Insights – Prompt “Find and summarize the key insights from the top rated business books this year related to [your business industry or topic]
  • Skill Development Path – Prompt “I want to improve my skills in [insert skill]. Could you find the best rated online courses, tutorials, or resources for learning this skill? Define a learning path for [insert skill]
  • Time Management Techniques – Prompt “Research the latest time management techniques and suggest the ones most suitable for my role as [insert job role]
  • Productivity Tools – Prompt “Based on the latest AI updates, suggest some tools or strategies I could use to be more efficient at work”
  • Content Creation – Prompt “I need to write a blog post about [insert topic]. Could you draft an out line for me based on the most popular articles on this topic?
  • Industry Specific Learning – Prompt “I want to stay updated about [insert industry]. Find the latest articles, research papers, and resources about this industry and summarize the key points.
  • Project Research – Prompt “I’m starting a project on [insert topic]. Could you compile a list of the most recent articles, papers, and resources about this topic?
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